Merge duplicate SB accounts

A parent is unable to invite her scout to set up a SB account because she has a duplicate account. Please merge the following:
Good BSA ID: 14671766
Bad BSA ID: 136883143

Should be fixed now.

Hi, We are having the same problem with two adults each having two accounts. They have completed their YPT on the account not listed with the troop. We are unable to recharter. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

@KellyDanford Please post their BSA member numbers, and we can take a look. (No names, please)

Hi There,

We have records that need merging as well.
Parent 14188488 and 14183021
Scout 136234153 and 14188489

Hoping this will help get this scout’s record up to date and correct for recharter.

Thank you!

@KaronGarrett This is done.

Thank you! Sure appreciate the help.

We’re also having some issues with getting the dad connected to this scout. The Scout’s ID is 14188489. They are a military family so they’ve moved around several times and because of that, his dad has several records. The dad’s most current Scout ID is 14485702 which is the ID that’s he’s registered as a committee member currently in our troop. There’s at least two more out there because I can see them listed as connections for his son. One of the duplicates has his current address in Maryland but it’s not the current one that is on the roster for our troop. The 14485702 record has an address from Florida. When I try to view the other records, It says logged in user doesn’t have access to this API so I can’t get the Scout ID numbers from them. What can we do to get it all into one record and have the correct address, training, etc attached?

Also, this scout is showing up with two records our recharter for some reason so I’m hoping this sorts it out so there is only one and we can have everything finally in one place. Let me know if you need more clarification. I know it’s twisted around a bit.

@KaronGarrett I think this is all fixed. Try waiting for the overnight sync process to run. Tomorrow try refreshing your Recharter roster and see if that clears things up for you.

Hi Jennifer,

Looks like all the records are merged for 14188489 and his parents. So excited for that!! Thank you!!!

For some reason, when I looked this morning, he’s still showing up in two entries on our recharter. I refreshed the roster and he’s there twice. Don’t want to choose the incorrect one when we submit recharter next week especially after all we’ve done to get it fixed.

Thank you again for your expertise. Sure appreciate it.

Please contact your council Registrar about the recharter issue.

I already have. They told me to pick one and not to renew the other. Just don’t want to undo what we just did with getting everything connected to his Scout ID. Hopefully both entries on the recharter have the same info and the connections to his parents and connections his previous units.

@KaronGarrett I sent you a private message.

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