2 scouts with the same name - FOR REAL

My troop has 2 scouts with the exact same first, middle and last names, but are in different patrols. For Scoutbook, we added a nickname to one and that has made it passable. However, the activity log shows just the first and last name of the scout…NO Nickname… So trying to keep track of which one was at a campout or did a hike, etc…is not fun. Can we please either go back to using scoutbook (which worked) OR at least use Nicknames? Remember, we are volunteers and don’t have time to do trial and error to figure out which one it is…This is a huge design flaw that needs to be fixed.

Have passed this on to Developers

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Maybe you can change their name and put a period at the end of one of their names so you can tell them apart.

Their actual names have to match their official registration, though, in order for their records to sync properly. That’s the advantage of displaying the “nickname” field as suggested.


I see. Did not know that was how that worked.

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We have the same problem. Has this been addressed yet? Even if the activity log could list the middle initial it would be helpful as that is unique for our two scouts.
Definitely a significant headache in trying to accurately record activities. There must be some way to make the listings unique.

Name fields in BSA® databases and reports

In addition to the preferred nickname (apodo preferido), does the suffix (título) also need to be included?

I am not seeing a nickname field on the Exploring youth member application form: