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I am the advancement person for Troop 369B. My full name is Elizabeth Kay Burt and I go by Kay Burt not Elizabeth. Every time I send an email in Scout book and when you respond back to me it reflects Elizabeth a name I do not go by and everyone in the troop knows me as Kay. In my profile I have indicated my preferred name is Kay but this does not change anything Can my name be changed to the name every knows me as Kay Burt. If I need to do something to change this please let me know.

While there is a “Preferred Name” field in, there is also a “Nickname” field in Scoutbook. Do you have both of those set? (I’m not sure if the two systems sync this.)

I also go by my middle name, and after setting the Nickname field, email messages I send through Scoutbook include the name I go by.

I don’t believe that the two systems sync, based on past behavior for me.

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I have my preferred name in scoutbook !i will look in my tomorrow. Thank you!

You will likely have to have your council change your “official” name in your record.

I’d be careful with that. It’s generally tied in to the background checks, so a difference between legal name and “official” name could cause a discontinuity in the system.

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There isn’t a “preferred name” field on the Scoutbook profile page, but there are fields for both “nickname” and “Scouts address you as”. The nickname one seems to work for me.

@ElizabethBurt - here are the steps:

  1. Log into
  2. When in Daahboard click on administration
  3. Click on my account
  4. Scroll to and then click on edit profile
  5. Scroll down to show the Nickname and Scouts Call You fiekds.
  6. Enter Kay in the nickname field, scroll down and click update (or save) but red buttons at the bottom

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