Aug 1 Update Rank changes

New Features

  • Retired Ranks
    • Retired ranks that have not been started in Scoutbook will no longer be selectable in Scoutbook. If a retired rank has 1 or more requirements marked complete, that version will remain available to the Scout.
  • Scouts BSA Ranks
    • The 2022 version of all Scouts BSA ranks is now supported by Scoutbook.

With the update, the new rank requirements should have been updated in Scoutbook? I’ve checked several of our new Scouts and none of them have the updated rank requirements. They have all earned Scout rank. Nothing has been entered for the rank of Tenderfoot. Thanks

Copy the Text you see for TF 5a

Explain the rules of safe hiking, both on the highway and cross-country, during the day and at night.

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 10.41.13 AM

Do you see dates? the dark one is the selected version

No dates

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yeah I saw the issue on test server and it has been reported

Not sure if it the same root cause but I tried to do a quick entry for tenderfoot rank requirement. I can select date and the specific requirements but the scouts are all greyed out. All the scouts are vs 2016. The choose requirement version only has 2022. When I select any other rank, 2016 is available and individual scouts can be selected.


Thank you. I have reported this to the developers.

Thank you, this is the same issue I found today. I am trying to update a “scout rank” advancement. Whether using quick-entry or going into the rank to post each requirement separately, there is no option to flip between 2016 and 2022.

Additionally, when trying to update a bulk “quick entry” for multiple scouts completing higher rank requirements, same thing… they are all grey’d out. The only way to update was to go post each requirement with date & approval separately (which takes FOREVER). This also was the case for merit badges.

We have over 60 scouts, so bulk entry is used frequently. Thanks for posting any updates on this issue. We appreciate the help.


There was an error in the expiration date for the 2016 ranks. The developers are working on the fix.

A temporary fix has been applied. The result of the temporary fix is all previous rank versions are once again available. Another fix will be applied tonight that will expire all rank versions prior to 2016.

Has this been fixed yet?


Not yet. It will be in the change log when it is.

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Thanks for the update.

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