August 1, 2022 Changes to Rank Advancement

Based on the description and timing of the MINOR requirement changes in 2022, It looks like I need to go into every Scout in my roster who has not achieved 1st class, and except for the current rank they are working on, do the following steps MANUALLY:

  1. Click to change the 2016 requirement to 2022
  2. Using a printout of their advancement, enter the requirements that they already have passed off for each 2016 requirement for every 2022 requirement for every rank through first class.


I have 10 Scouts in this category, 8 who are working on Scout rank, and 2 who are Scout rank working on Tenderfoot. They ALL went to week-long Summer Camp, and other monthly campouts over the last year, so they all have passed off requirements for all ranks Scout through 1st Class.

  1. I have to click the 2022 button 26 times (because I can’t do Quick entry for 2022 if they are still set to 2016)
  2. Then I need to do several “Quick Entry” Enter Rank Requirements for each Scout, in order to replicate the data (that Scoutbook already has under 2016) to the now empty 2022 tab.

Can the Scoutbook team not transfer the data from Scouts in these categories from the 2016 requirements to the 2022 requirements? The changes are so minor, that it strains reason that a data migration plan was not part of this change!

(Who do I send the carpal tunnel bill to?!?)

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My interpretation is that you wouldn’t have to do that until January 1, but that seems like a question for your council.

We are asking the developers if they can do something to hotlink to the new version.

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In the linked press release it states that beginning August 1st, the new requirements apply EXCEPT FOR THE RANK A SCOUT IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON.

“Beginning August 1, 2022, these minor modifications to the Scouts BSA requirements for the ranks of Scout through Star will take effect. Scouts may continue using the existing requirements for the rank on which they are currently working, or they may choose to use the new requirements. Scouts must use the new requirements once they advance to their next rank.”

For my 8+ Scouts working on Scout rank, that could literally be next week …

Well scouts work on Scout, Tenderfoot, Second and First at the same time according to the GTA


Many Scouts earn multiple ranks from Scout to First Class on the same day. My Council has said Scouts can continue working on the “old” version of Scout through First Class until completing First Class or January 1, 2023, whichever comes first.


If you think there’s a conflict or lack of clarity in program information, the BSA wants us to point you at your council for clarification. In principle, they have staff who can get official clarification from national if warranted.


Like I said, it’s a question for your council to figure out what “currently working on” means.


Not looking for clarity or guidance, but highlighting a system issue (I believe I posted this to the portion of the forum.)

This is an implementation of an extremely minor set of adjustments, without considering the actual impact on the people who use the system. Unlike the 2016 requirements changes, these are almost wording changes. (I know that these changes specify that Scouts memorize the Outdoor Code and the Principles of Leave No Trace, and discontinue the use of TREAD.)

I haven’t seen the “User Story” for these changes, but would bet that no one considered “What will the Scoutmaster actually need to DO to make this happen?” or “How does this change affect the users of this system?

Obviously, I am ranting, and I know … BSA Tech is not here. Thank you Scoutbook User Advisory Council members for already passing this along.

We definitely agree that a scout shouldn’t have all their progress wiped out when going to the new version since there are only one or two requirements that differ. We have asked the developers for a solution and will ask again.


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