Scout's Merit Badges are showing up as Palms and he is not yet an Eagle Scout?

I have a Scout whose merit badges are showing up in Scoutbook under the Eagle Palms and he needs them listed under “Eagle Scout” to complete his Eagle Scout…help.

They show correctly @MelissaFlies - post a screenshot with names hidden if you think there is a mistake

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If you post the BSA ID (no names, please!) for the scout, the SUAC folks may be able to take a look. I took a look at several of my scouts and don’t see a similar issue, though. Can you be more descriptive about the problem you’re seeing? Are elective MB slots for Eagle showing as blank while those badges are being “credited” for palms, or are these required badge showing up under electives?

OK. Now I’m confused. I’m not seeing the same MB showing up under both Eagle and palms for the three Life scouts who I checked on. Am I supposed to be seeing that?

If a merit badge is for Eagle it cannot be used for a palm

Thanks, @DonovanMcNeil . I gotta learn to wait for the B-revision of the post. :laughing:

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One of our Scouts needs two more merit badges “of his choice” to complete his Eagle Scout Requirement. He has completed the merit badges…but they are showing up on Scoutbook under the Palms section and… the Eagle section of his “advancement record” still has two blank lines where the merit badges should go. I hope this makes sense.


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and someone will investigate.

Path to Eagle Scout version setting issue?

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