2021 EPA Award - Not in the awards list

We have 2 scouts who have earned the 2021 EPA Award (YES!!!) and I went to enter it into Scoutbook, only to find that the award is not in the drop down menu. How do I add it to their record if it’s not in there? It looks like it was in some queue back in January 2021, but it’s not there now. We have a few more scouts that are close with their merit badges and conservation service hours, so I want to make sure that I can award it properly!

Look for an award that starts with 50th Anniversary

It’s not in my drop down menu at all. The only things that I have are 50-Miler Award, 2017 National Jamboree and then Boardsailing BSA. I was looking for it, but it’s just not an option. Is there a way I can add it in for my group?

@LeonaWilson - for me it is under the 50 mile award when I check on my phone.

I also see it in scoutbook as well. Perhaps check the scout record to see if perhaps it is already listed needing approval.

So I think the issue was that it wasn’t working to add it to multiple scouts at the same time, but when I went back today and looked for just ONE scout, it worked just fine.

Thanks to everyone for your help!