Missing pending award list report in internet advancment

At the top where the bell is where it shows pending awards list i get a error now for the last 2 days.
says " Error An error occurred while processing the request "
Was working last week.
Nothing shows up under history is if it was ran. Just says i need to approve at lest 1 award.

I been doing this for a year now and this first time it’s done this.

Thank you.

You can try logging into scoutbook.scouting.org > click Administration > click the unit > click Reports > Needs Approval > see what shows there and even approve it

Nothing there.
I had a list of approved awards.
It normally show at the bell how many awards are needed to buy. Was fine earlier this week.
I run the report before our pack meeting as our council requires the report to buy awards.

I just added a award to a kid and when i went to i.a to approved, it doesn’t show up under the pending items and still error pops up to run report.

@DonovanMcNeil - I noticed something between scoutbook and IA that may be at play. I did a PO for our November Pack meeting. Two different Webelos elective adventures are on the po in scoutbook so all good there, however the last po report in IA was March and I do get the error message as well. The items did hit the scout record but the last few closed po have not hit the reports section. So the api must not be moving the items. Everything is good in scoutbook so I recommend for @jeffreyabu-nasser that work from there to get the po and advancement report.

Ok , will look into that. Thanks for the tip.

Seems thou someone high up must of read this and it’s fixed and working. Thank whoever!

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