2023 Cycling Merit badge issues

One of our boys in the troop went to Summer Camp. He received a partial in cycling.

The report that was generated says “Cycling Merit Badge - 2023 Requirements”. The camp marked him down as having completed 1a, 1b, and 1c. However, in scoutbook, there is only 1a and 1b - no 1c.

Also, once I checkmark 1a and 1b (the only two requirements listed), it won’t mark No. 1 as having been completed. I assume it’s because it’s missing 1c.

What should i do?

@TraceyHolloway - here are the official requirements… dont see a 1c


There was a bug in Scoutbook that was recently fixed. Req 1c and 3 were identical. Just mark Req 3 as complete.

I’ll report the issue with Req 1 to the developers.


The issue of Req 1 not completing when 1a and 1b are complete has been fixed. You may need to open 1a or 1b and click SAVE without making any changes to see Req 1 marked complete.

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