Cycling Merit Badge- SB numbering does not match requirements

Cycling Merit Badge… The Numbering in Scoutbook for requirement 7 - Option B does not match the numbering in the merit badge requirements on
for example
7B- Mountain Biking
Properly mount, pedal, and brake, including emergency stops.
Merit badge book numbering on : Option B. (a) (1).
Scoutbook numbering: Option B. (1) (a)

The Scout is most likely on a different version of the MB than the current version - you can see by going to Scout > Advancements > look for year by the Merit badge on that page. Once a Scout starts a merit badge, in almost all cases, they can finish on the version they started @JanellBunger-Spiecha

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@DonovanMcNeil - i checked the references page in SB and the page and it is the number/letter convention

@suacinformation can you look at this?

The scout started the merit badge at summer camp this year on July 17, 2022. . It is not a difference in MB release dates.

This will be fixed when the 2023 MB changes are released - as it has no effect on earning the badge, but if we changed now it would effect council importing completions

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Thank you. Appreciate the research and response.

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