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Do we need to manually go in and change every Scout to the 2024 update, since they are currently all showing the old version? I changed one, to see what would happen (she was showing 25% complete on her AOL, which she had obviously not even started yet, and I was curious). It has stayed at 25%, including giving credit for Into the Woods, which she completed last fall before it was announced that it should be held for the AOL year. It also kept the Outdoor Adventure and other electives that she had started, but not completed, as the old version, and I had to manually change to 2024. Do I really have to go through every Scout and check each adventure to make sure they are on the current version?

@ErinBrown if you have already advanced dens YES you need to update Scouts - If you have not advanced dens - when you advance dens the Scouts SHOULD be set to 2024 as long as nothing in that rank has ever been opened


Some of the new ones with the same names are being worked on for issues like that - and % is not always correct

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I went through and did it. I advanced them today, but many of them (all of the AOLs) had clicked on things before that caused them not to switch over to 2024. They also still have things like the old Protect Yourself, YoYo, and Modular Design showing, and the Webelos are showing adventures that have changed to AOL. Iā€™m going to encourage families to take things slow this summer and verify that they are doing electives that are 100% for their current rank, and hope that things are ironed out better by the fall when we really start back up. It looks like the percentage issue is for AOLs, because it is applying the Into the Woods they did as Webelos to their AOL rank (though that would not count as 25% of the rank).

Yes it is known issues that are being addressed

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