A new parent can't connect to her scout's record

I have a parent who successfully created a Scoutbook account today.
When she logs in, she can’t see her scout’s information nor our Pack calendar.
Her scout is new, Lion cub and she had never created SB account before.
I sent the share invitation for connecting to her scout, she clicked the link and logged in with my.scouting.org credential (not with email address, but username) but she still can’t connect to her scout’s info.

Her email address is already added to her scout’s parent info.
But her/her scout’s last name is spelled wrong on the SB. Our CC/CM is already aware of it and (hopefully) they are trying to fix it.

So my question is, can’t she connect to her scout’s account until the last name is fixed?
If the last name is not the problem, what can I do to help her to connect to her scout’s record?
Thank you.

Little confused - did you invite her to connect to her Scout? How did she CREATE a Scoutbook account? If you provide BSA# we can take a look at the various issues.

She created my.scouting account in order to access to the Scoutbook, because in order to access to SB, you need my.scouting username and pw. The scout’s SB account was created by the pack.

Please provide the BSA member number or Scoutbook user ID (no names) and we can take a look.

This is a public page so I don’t feel comfortable disclosing the scout’s BSA#. Is there a way to contact privately?

I just got connected today. I had signed up my daughter online and apparently it created a account for myself by default. I attempted to reset the password and no e-mail came through to reset it; So I just created a new account. This crated a condition where there where Two accounts for the same person.
The one that the scout administrator was using to attach my daughters scout account to was the incorrect account.
To fix it the parent will need to have the child’s membership number. Then go to the scoutbook.scouting.org website (Not the phone app). Go to “My Dashboard” → “My Account” → “My Connections” and add the child in manually by filling in the member ID of the child and the additional information.

Thank you so much for the information, Jason! It looks like it may be because the last name is registered wrong. But if it’s corrected and she still has problem, then I will ask her to do what you said.
Also, in the future if other parents have problems, I will definitely tell them to try that too!

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