Parent not seeing Scout when logged in

I have a parent trying to connect to their Scout, the Scout is SB user ID 10285573. Mom had two accounts, one was old with the wrong name and email address so she wants to use her account with the email address (e-mail removed by Moderator). When she logs in from that account she does not see her scout although I see them as connected. I cannot figure out how else to connect them. Please help, thank you!

This is fixed @ElizabethHough

Hello, same issue here.

Scout is SB User ID: 12139550 BSA Member ID: 14018599

Parent is be***** Parent profile shows Member ID
14135982 in Internet Advancement. (I note that her IA profile shows no DOB. Dunno if this causes an issue.)

Parent can log in, but cannot see Scout or unit info.

Thanks in adavnce!

Scouter Rob

@ScouterRob think you need to watch them log in - I think they are not clicking Administration

OK, stand by for more info.

LOL, parent was logging into versus Scoutbook. Sorry, I should have investigated further before posting. Will do better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Parent Michael Kessler (ID # 14379737) cannot see his 2 scouts REMOVED when he logs into Scoutbook. He used this same ID to apply for Asst. Cub Master yesterday. Any ideas?

Do I need to send him an “invite to connect” and then he just logs in with his already created SB info?

@ChasidyCavanna he is not setup as a parent to either Scout - only the mother is

So if I add him as a connection to both, when he logs in he’ll see them?

Yes - that is how parent connections work

If you can find him with Search broken currently

Hello, I cannot create a connection between a parent and a scout, therefore they cannot see their child in Scouting app. The parent account is not available in Scoutbook. I am hoping you can help. 14636030 Parent BSA ID and 14636029 Scout BSA ID

The 3 Michael Kessler’s that appear when I search all do not have the same # that he gave me, so I’m assuming they are different Michael Kessler’s.

As stated connection search is currently broken so you might have to wait

Parents can make the connection themself under My Connections

Perfect, thank you, much appreciated!

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