Not able to connect parent

I have a parent member id #

she is connected to child 14175906

trying to connect to other child 14175909
Search by name/MID/email

no luck


Try Incognito window

I am having same issue, we have 3 scouts in a family, dad(me) is connected to all three, however, mom is only connected to 2 of them. I try to add connection to the third and it says the information is not found, even when I use the member ID. I have tried searching by email and name as well, but when I go to create new connection I get warning that User exists.

Looks like a SB technical issue.


Go to the Scout’s connection page and look for Mom. She may be connected already with the Parent/Guardian switch turned off. This would prevent her from being shown in search results.

If you find her, click on her name, set the Parent/Guardian check box and click Save.

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@edavignon great tip, thank you that was what it was.