Link newly created parent account to second scout


I am trying to make a new SB account for a parent of a scout. The scout already had a parent when they signed up but this is the second parent. I believe I successfully created her account, and it is pending her acceptance. However, they have another scout and when I went to search for her account (to avoid making a new one), I can’t find her SB account in the search function to list her.

Her SB number I believe is 140189216 and I’d like her to be linked to this scout:

SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

Please let me know if this is clear or the right place to put this query.

Thank you!

@DF00000 You should be able to use the Connections Manager to connect the parent to the second Scout. Then, go to the Scout’s Connections page in Scoutbook, click on the parent’s name, and change the connection type to parent / guardian.

Thank you! I just followed those steps.

I also sent an invite bc it said an invite hadn’t been sent. I hope that doesn’t do anything weird, like create a new account?

Thank you for the quick help!

Let us know if it does anything weird as that would be a bug that we want to get addressed.

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