A number of members from the scout book not showing up in Charter and YPT status not up-to-date

We are in the final stage of rechartering for 2023. But we have a number of youth and adults not showing up in the recharter roster. They are in both scoutbook and myscouting.org. We are sure they were in our recharter last yeat.

Also we have a number of adults completed YPT at the beginning of 2023. But the recharter YPT status still shows incomplete although we have their YPT certificates

Can you please advise? Thanks

On adults typically they have 2 logins and do not know it and they did under wrong log in - post BSA #s for both issues and we can see

For the missing members, here are the BSA member IDs:

  • 12587431 (youth)
  • 12922872 (youth)
  • 14004460 (youth, crossed over in 2022 but other crossed over scouts in the same year showed up)
  • 127645679 (youth)
  • 121729418 (adult)
  • 12516049 (adult)

For the YPT status not reflected

  • 128901468 (completed on 1/7/2023) - seems this to be the case you mentioned about two IDs as the certificate has member Id as 12601616

Thanks a lot for help

@MichaelBernatovich on Adult needs to use username (lastname)scouting to login - training should fix overnight

Does he need to retake the YPT training?

no it should merge over next 24 hours

Thank you very much. Really appreciate if you can take a look at the other issue as well.

Best regards

@MichaelBernatovich on all the others they should be there - you might want to click the Refresh or Reset Roster - do not recall what it is called.

After a few refresh, they showed up. Thanks a lot!

in that system SHIFT + page refresh can also do wonders