Cant recharter because it reads adult YPT expired and it was finished 3 days ago

Unable to recharter for last three days even though all adults are YPT trained. My CR redid YPT on 12/29, but still shows not done. I have notified my council. I have our awards ceremony on 3rd so are we officially not a pack now going into 2023? thanks, Alan Smith, Jr., MD cubmaster 385 WY

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Hi, @AlanSmith2,

Have you checked to make sure that they did the mandatory YPT rather than the optional one? @JenniferOlinger describes that issue here: YPT Didn't Update -- Holding Up Recharter - #9 by JenniferOlinger

It’s also possible that the YPT wasn’t fully completed (e.g. one or more modules not played all the way through). You can check that as described at the bottom of @JenniferOlinger’s post.

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You hit the refresh roster button, right? Not in the browser menu, but in the recharter software?

Does it show done in the “normal” YPT aging report?

@AlanSmith2 Your Chartered Org. Rep. did the “Continuing Education - Youth Protection Training” lesson plan which is for additional learning on YPT topics but does not fulfill the YPT Training Requirement for Y01.

She needs to do the “Mandatory- Youth Protection Training” learning plan. She needs to make sure she retakes all 4 modules.

You should contact your local council, but there is usually a grace period.

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@AlanSmith2 if you are talking about your COR - they did the recommended YPT NOT the MANDATORY YPT - very different

I am having same issue but he did mandatory training and it says 100% complete

Did you hit refresh?

I hit refresh on the page and inside the page above the name lists.

His BSA # is 110205859

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They did not take the final test

hitting him up now…thanks

He just did the test!

It can take 24-36 hours to flow to all systems.

I see the test - give it for the morning for the recharter - MIGHT??? have to refresh?

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It is important to ensure the bsa id number is the same for the registered position at the unit and the number on the certification. Many times the scouter has several id numbers.


We are having the same issue. It s not a refresh issue, and I have the copy of the printed certificates for the missing members. I can run Trained leader report and they show current YPT and the YPT status does not nor does the re-charter. IDs are the same, everything is right. This has to be a glitch in the program.

@WilliamMount when was YPT done? what is a MID/BSA # and we can look. I would try refreshing the Recharter and maybe SHIFT + Refresh of page

@WilliamMount The YPT Aging Report is better for this purpose.

If you go to the Training Manager (my.scouting), then click on the YPT pie chart on the right side of the screen.

I checked your COR. It looks like he completed the “Continuing Education - Youth Protection Training” learning plan. However, he needs to complete the “Mandatory- Youth Protection Training” learning plan.

Do you have the BSA member numbers for other adult leaders that need to be checked?


 there are two which are absolutely current. They are K.M. 12188486 and D.M. 12236755. I let R. know he missed the mark and did the wrong YPT, thanks for that...

@WilliamMount both Kristi and Dave did the trainings under different BSA #s. I have it fixed so training should sync to their registered positions


Hello all,

 Donovan, thank you that did it for the two with the proper YPT. I am working with our Charter Rep to get his completed (I think you are right and he did the optional). It is odd, Our regional Rep merged the accounts previously (once in August of this year) and so the numbers were showing the same! Frustrating but thank you so much for the help.