New Unit Participant--can't convert from Youth

IR is more than frustrating. I have a Scout 102374461 that has been UP for several years. Retook YPT 12-05-21, but it won’t show. Another Youth 102374461 needs to convert to UP, but no functionality for this change, and also his YPT completed 12-12-21, and it doesn’t show. Refreshed roster, no success.

Council will not be pleased to get the recharter in this condition.

YPT shows current for both in your normal training / roster? Just confirming that YPT got recorded properly in the “normal” process to confirm this is a recharter system issue. Many people have different issues getting YPT completion to “stick”.

When I did a search based on this user’s e-mail address, I found a second my.scouting username that is linked to a different BSA member number (12990585) and has a different DOB. That is why his YPT is not showing up under the other BSA member number.

This looks like the same BSA member number as the first Scout. Copy and paste?

@SteveHanson I sent you a private message. Please look for the indicator on your “S” avatar in the upper right of the forums.

I have a youth Eagle candidate that turns 18 on 12/30/2021. I am trying to complete re-charter for my unit and should not be able to re-charter him as a youth. He has completed a new Adult application and a Background authorization. He is supposed to complete YPT ASAP.
How do I move him from Youth to Adult on re-charter?
The fee should be different for an Adult, but the system provides an error about his birthdate not being correct for an Adult. He turns 18 on 30th and today is 29th. Since re-charter is always supposed to be completed before the charter expires each year the system should allow any date that makes him an Adult after the first of the year. If I was completing the re-charter process in November, I should be able to list him for re-charter as an adult.

the only way we have heard on this is to do as a NEW member - not existing - cause in the system they are still tagged as a youth.

The unit cannot change a member from youth to unit participant. The council must do it. Register him as a youth, and document the change:

I turned in the paperwork for one Scout given an age extension at council along with our check. An adult application marked Unit Participant, the background check form, the YPT documentation, and the email approving the age extension must be turned in.

The registrar advised us that the system keeps him as a youth until the charter expires, and only after the new charter is in effect can they re-input him as a Unit Participant.

My son is disabled, and can renew indefinitely as a UP, since it was set up previously, but a new one can only be done by council. Most of the non-disabled UPs are time-limited.

Steve Hanson

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Position code “M” v.s. position code “UP”.

When did councils start using position code UP for special-needs Scouts? Historically “member” or position code “M” was used.

I can envision some cases (registration exceptions) which would be technically problematic if “UP” is used.


Past special education troop committee chair


Per the guide, M is youth member. So, that wouldn’t be right either.

@Matt.Johnson Before position code “UP” existed, special-needs Scouts older than 18 participating as Scouts in the youth program were registered using position code “M”.