Ability to provide check-in for parents for Campouts

When we leave as a Troop we have 3 notebooks for a parent to sign their kid in for the campout. 2 of the notebooks are for the boys which has 1/2 in each. The other is for our girls troop especially if the Troops decide to go separate from each other. It would be cool and awesome to have the ability of a parent to be able to sign in to Scoutbook and check in their child there. We still keep and transport the medical records on the campouts but this could be used to track camping statistics as well as Check-in for the campout at the same time.

You could use the Scoutbook Calendar and the attendance feature to do this, the only difference is it would be a leader (adults via Scoutbook or certain Scouts via the Scouting app) instead of the parents.

It is working for Scouts with the proper calendar role to do it in Scoutbook.

We have our Scribe do it with the SPL as backup.

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