Access Level to Run ScoutBook Reports

What role(s) are required to run reports in ScoutBook / Internet Advancement? For many, the “Knowledge Base” references “Unit Leader.” I would like to encourage my Troops’ ASMs to use the reporting functionality which I think in turn will promote keeping ScoutBook data up to date. But I’m getting pushback that they don’t have access.

Which reports are you looking to have them run? Depending on what you’re trying to do, there may be different ways to get there.

I think the most valuable would be the Activity Report in IA and to be able to create reports in Report Builder Manager to better understand what Scouts need to advance.

I would have thought that they had access to those reports as long as they have a connection to the relevant scouts. Have you verified that their connections are set up correctly for all of the scouts?

Also, are all of your ASMs having trouble, or just some of them?

Unit Leader = Cubmaster / Scoutmaster / Crew Advisor / Skipper

It is not obvious that Unit Leader has a definition of “The Unit Leader”. I keep trying to define it as any registered adult is a unit leader, but that doesn’t work.

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The only feedback I got was “Unfortunately not all of the ASM team have the appropriate level of access to run the various reports.” Two individuals whose only role is ASM are 12739255 and 2162301. Our SM and an ASM who are also hold Troop Admin role are 133725279 and 129445672.

Keep in mind, there are still 2 somewhat different sets of permissions between Scoutbook and IA. And because the systems are in the process of merging, there are some weird inconsistencies.

In general, I believe ASMs have very limited access to reports. But ASM with “Unit Admin” permissions in Scoutbook, will have some access. For example, I can run the Roster and Report Builders that are linked in Scoutbook (but now technically in IA). I can also run the OA report, but only if I access it through Scoutbook. However, when I go to IA directly, I don’t have any reports listed, and I can not run an individual scouts’ activity report, which are things I can do as a Key 3 Delegate in a Pack.

Likewise, because I have Unit Admin permissions in SB, I can pretty much do anything advancement related. But because my my.scouting / IA permissions are limited, I can only enter activity logs, but they need to be approved by someone else.

Confused yet?

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Thanks and Yes! These are (some of) the things that create barriers to unleashing the power of this tool.

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