Report for Leadership positions

Is it possible to generate a report of all current positions of responsibility (youth leadership) in a troop?

Yes. There are instructions here:

I saw that article, but i think it’s out of date. (or maybe broken?)

When i click on print roster, it takes me to an internet advancement page and gives me an SSO error:

Single Sign On (SSO) is required to run reports. Please login to Scoutbook with your Scoutbook email address, then use the “Switch SSO Profile” option on My Account page and enter your (my.Scouting) UserName and Password.

ref: PD-20230718144455-449013-583574

I see no “Switch SSO Profile” option on the My Account page. I’m pretty sure that i already have SSO enabled because other functions that kick me over to IA seem to work fine.

Also, When i use report builder in IA, I see no options related to youth leadership.

Sounds like you might not have the right permission levels to run the report, as it works just fine for me. Just in case, try a forced refresh of the page. IA seems to cache a lot of stuff locally, and cached versions seem to gum up functionality frequently.

ETA: You should also be able to get there from the Troop Reports menu item in Scoutbook by selecting Roster Builder Manager (rather than Report Builder). That might still generate the same issue for you, however, as it’s the same reporting interface at IA2.

ETA2: Looks like they may have changed the name to Roster Builder Designer (or I just mis-remember the name):

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