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The post is related to the Internet Advancement (IA) reports entitled “Activity Log Report” and “Scouts BSA History Report”. I am the Advancement Chair and Troop Admin for two separate troops. Here is my issue. With my girl troop, I can NOT run the two previously mentioned reports on my scouts. With my boy troop, I am also designated as a Key 3 Delegate and Assistant Scoutmaster. I CAN run the IA reports on the scouts in my boy troop. It seems like I shouldn’t have to be designated as a Key 3 delegate to run these reports. (I’m fairly certain that my status as an Assistant SM isn’t the key.) What does the SUAC know about this? Is this intentional, or is this a bug?

@BrianHeflin in 7354 your K3 role is not current - a Key 3 might need to fix it

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Donovan, the Key 3 role in 7354 was just added this afternoon. That is why it isn’t current yet.
For 1992, the Key 3 role has existed for a few years.

@BrianHeflin But you can enter Log data?? it is just the reports are the issue?

@BrianHeflin You need to wait for an overnight process to run.

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Yes, I can enter Log data for both troops. But for the girl troop, I can NOT run the reports. Simply enter the data. (Of course, that could change now that they are upgrading my permissions to Key 3 Delegate). For the boy troop, I can enter log data, and I can print the reports.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to be a Key 3 Delegate to run the reports. Seems like an Advancement Chair should be able to enter the data and run the reports without being a Key 3 Delegate.

Well you are just SB UAC not a True UAC in

Now that is an important data point! What does that mean, Donovan?

Right, if they add you as Unit Advancement Chair (at my.scouting), then you should be able to access.

What is a “True UAC”?

There are different functional roles at my.scouting.

Unit Advancement Chair (UAC) is one.
Key 3 Delegate (k3D) is another, but has more permissions than UAC.

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Am I a “True UAC” in My.Scouting for either 1992 or 7354?

In SB you are a UAC - but in you are not.

Not a “True UAC” for either troop?

No - but the Key 3 D - covers it -

No, they have added you as a Key 3 Delegate (K3D), which means that you have more permissions than a UAC would have.

I will let both troop’s know this information! You have both been SO helpful. How do they make me a “True UAC” in My.Scouting? And are we sure that if I become a “True UAC” that I will be able to print the reports I desire to print? Lastly, for 1992, I do a considerable amount of Admin work for them. Maybe there is a reason they want to leave me a Key 3 Delegate? Can you think of good reasons as to why that might be the case?

on getting to reports we are finding out - it is an issue not seen before

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I maintain all the calendars and logs, and scout leadership status, etc.