Access Problem

This is a problem with one of my den leaders:
I’ve been having trouble with Scoutbook from day 1 and now it is worse. Who can I contact to get my accounts fixed? I apparently have three-member IDs:

I can log into Scoutbook using my username and get one of these IDs, then login using my email and get another. Neither way allows me to access my den’s advancements. I used to access advancements with one of these, but not able with the other.

How do I get access to my den again?

Aaron Gluck
Coweta Senior District Executive
Flint River Council

Well if you are a SDE you can guide the DL in getting MIDs managed or merged. If you provide an MID we can look at the Scoutbook side of things.

As far i have seen from my end he only has one member ID. I believe I already got them merged when he first brought the problem to my attention and he is still having issues.

@AaronGluck What is his BSA member number?

His BSA member ID is 137213956

@AaronGluck He should be fixed now.

Please ask him to log in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password.

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I am a DE and my volunteer is struggling please help please see this thread for background Access Problem :

This is not working. I have tried to log in using my email and password then my username and password. No luck. Then I went to and logged in and saw the screen shown in the attached picture. I have three member IDs. Shouldn’t I only have one? Why do two have the Atlanta Area Council? Can somebody at the BSA organization fix this mess and give me just one account and number? I cannot work on my den’s advancement tracking without Scoutbook as our pack uses it for tracking exclusively. This is getting to be more hassle than it’s worth…

Chris Burns

The user needs to use Manage Member ID - I imagine the wrong MID is set to Primary

@AaronGluck I sent you a private message.