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Access Problem

This is a problem with one of my den leaders:
I’ve been having trouble with Scoutbook from day 1 and now it is worse. Who can I contact to get my accounts fixed? I apparently have three-member IDs:

I can log into Scoutbook using my username and get one of these IDs, then login using my email and get another. Neither way allows me to access my den’s advancements. I used to access advancements with one of these, but not able with the other.

How do I get access to my den again?

Aaron Gluck
Coweta Senior District Executive
Flint River Council

Well if you are a SDE you can guide the DL in getting MIDs managed or merged. If you provide an MID we can look at the Scoutbook side of things.

As far i have seen from my end he only has one member ID. I believe I already got them merged when he first brought the problem to my attention and he is still having issues.

@AaronGluck What is his BSA member number?

His BSA member ID is 137213956

@AaronGluck He should be fixed now.

Please ask him to log in to Scoutbook with his my.scouting username and password.

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