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Log in Issues... not able to see the Troop

Ok so I am registered as a Committee Chair for my daughter’s troop. I am a connection for my son in another troop. I was able to see them and both their troops in the past. I was able to make changes/approve things in the Girl Troop in the past.

My youngest son’s registration got lost somehow and turned in around recharter. When that was turned in I was assigned yet “another” member ID. Also when that happened suddenly for the first time I could see my middle son who is a cub and lost all access to my daughter, and son and their troops.

I went to my.scouting.org and made sure my member ID that is associated with the girl troop is my primary ID. I checked that is the ID showing in their rooster. I also checked that is the member ID for my SSO. After doing that I now can use Internet advancement for the girl troop and show there with that ID and my correct email, and my position is shown. So I can put in advancement for the girls there.

I can see my two sons accounts for the pack but I can not see my older kids in the troop or either of their Troop rosters in Scoutbook. My.Scouting.Org has now lost 1 of my 3 member IDs and will not let me add it back in and one is not connected to a troop. Those were not the correct member IDs anyway. (I tried them as primary and for my SSO and I get nothing with those anyway…)

I am at a loss on how to fix this. Also due to other issues I was the only one that was able to use Scoutbook in our Troop (other leaders couldn’t get their SSO to work) so now we have no one able to use Scoutbook for the calendar, reports etc. At least we can do the advancements on Internet advancement.

ANY suggestions I feel like I have tried about everything.

It definitely sounds like you have multiple accounts (probably through no fault of your own). You can try My dashboard > administration > my account > switch sso. If that doesn’t work, send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org

It sounds like you have multiple accounts on my.Scouting and in Scoutbook.

I suggest talking with your council registrar first, to determine how to best resolve the accounts on my.Scouting.

When the primary BSA ID# on my.Scouting is determined, then contact Scoutbook support to merge your multiple Scoutbook accounts and end with the correct ID#. If you have membership information and log data on one account, you will want to keep that stuff and merge the other accounts into that one, adjusting connections and the ID# as necessary.

Thank you I do have multiple accounts and I have tried switching my SSO and nope that did not work. Thank you I will send that email.

Yes I do have multiple accounts and I was told to use the account connected with the Girl Troop as my primary but that is not resolving the issue.

@JenniferReese - first question would be is how did you come to have multiple accounts ?

Are you registered with the different units with different member numbers?