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Access to adult roster?

As an assistant den leader, do I have access to the adult roster? I don’t see it in my Menu at my.scouting.org. I’d like to follow up with the alert at the top of scoutbook which refers to adults who are not members of BSA being removed from the adult roster: Unregistered Adult Change in Scoutbook April 12


Generally, only the Unit Key 3 (CM/SM, CC, COR), and individuals delegated the functional roles of Key 3 Delegate or Membership Inquiry in the Organizational Security Manager at my.scouting.org have access to the official roster.

One of your Unit Key 3 could delegate one of these roles to you if they want you to be able to follow-up on the issue.


You could look at your unit YPT report in my.scouting to gather all the same info you’d get from the roster (and more).

Thank you. I guess that worked. But maybe my understanding of the alert is incorrect. Is the alert at the top of the Scoutbook page about “adults who are not registered…will be removed” only for leaders?

@BartonChew yes - only LEADERS in Roster who have a BSA # with no current registration in any council will be removed. If they are a parent that connection will remain, and JUST parents will not be affected

Feeling like an idiot. But thank you.