Registered Adult leader name missing

One of our parent who is a registered adult is not showing in the Roster in scoutbook and also my. Scouting.

(do not post name please)

@SameeraZia then they are not registered is the simple answer - do you have a BSA # and we can check

@SameeraZia if it is the name I removed that person has never been a registered leader

Keep in mind that “Tiger Adult Partner” or “Lion Adult Partner” are not registered scouters because:

  1. these positions do not require a background check,
  2. these positions do not require chartering organization approval (via adult application), and
  3. council does not verify their YPT is current, even if it has been taken.

If the unit/chartering organization want an adult to fill a unit scouter role, they must register for that role.

BSA ID 13926238
Regret writing the name. Will be careful in future.

Btw this is a Troop not a Pack and she is a registered adult infact she is our Troop’s Secretary.

Is she listed in your my.scouting roster? If not, she may never have been registered.

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@SameeraZia That BSA # has never been a registered leader - sorry - get the person an Adult application

I had understood your original post to indicate that they were missing from both Scoutbook and my.scouting, indicating that the system believes they are not registered. To resolve that, you have to reach out to the registrar to get the registration corrected. That might include submitting an adult application if they were removed at recharter/never actually registered (e.g. application submitted but not processed), or just a correction (if they were erroneously dropped but did appear on the recharter paperwork and were previously registered). In any case, it sounds like the solutino path lies through your council registrar.

Is there ANY possibility that unit/district/council commissioners can get the word out about who is a registered leader in any scouting unit…and wait for it… please use an existing BSA ID on an adult application for someone who will become a registered adult… This may well save time and effort for registrars and the folks in the SUAC… just sayin

This would be a great commissioner newsletter topic.

Next week I’m doing a “Scoutbook Setup in 15 Minutes” training at Roundtable. The whole point will be how to make sure your roster matches, how to invite parents (if not connected), and how they invite Scouts.

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The key place to check is at my.scouting.

Click on:

  1. Menu
  2. Troop XXXX - XXXXX District
  3. Roster

You can search by name, or use the page numbers at the bottom.

Edited to add: 14034317 appears to be the correct BSA member number for her in your council. However, it has no registered positions.

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