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Hi! I’d like to take an existing parent (account created via connection) and add her as a leader to my roster.

You can see the parent’s screen here:

But when I try to Search for Existing User in the Add Leader view, I get the following alert():


This account is relatively recent. Is there some delay between one database and another getting updated? Am I holding it wrong? Is this a bug?

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Are they a registered BSA volenteer in a different unit? If not registered anywhere, they will have register to be added as a leader.


Define “register”: They have created an account under Scoutbook for Troop 29. Is that registration enough?

@MatthewHandley - that would mean fill out an adult application and submit to council.

Hmm, I think this volunteer has done so in the past. I’ll check and get back to you.

@MatthewHandley - they may have but if not maintained on any unit roster or in a district or council capacity then the registration expires after a year.

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I checked. She’s registered, but her YPT lapsed (which she is fixing asap). Could that cause this issue?

@MatthewHandley - yes it would cause an issue. Is she listed though on the roster at ?

Under the Trained Leader Report? No.

No, under the roster.

@MatthewHandley - the important thing is to look in your unit then roster in for this adult. If they are not listed there then they are not a registered adult.

Well, I can’t see the roster for that troop, which is very strange. I’ve sent a note to my council for help.

The ability to see the official rosters at are limited to officially-registered unit Key 3 (SM/CM, CC, COR), Key 3 Delegates designated in the Position Manager at, or individuals with the Membership Inquiry functional role designated in the Position Manager. The functional positions (Key 3 Delegate & Membership Inquiry) apparently expire, although exactly when or in what circumstances is unclear to me. They can also be explicitly revoked by one of the Key 3, for example to replace one K3D with a new one.

I am the new scoutmaster of the troop, so I believe I should have access. I imagine someone just hasn’t flipped the right bits for me, yet.

Yeah, most likely council hasn’t finished processing your registration yet. The assignment of the Key 3 permissions should be automatic within a short time after registration has been finalized.

You are the scoutmaster of the girls troop. It looks like that individual has a child in the boys troop. So, you won’t have access to see that troop roster in my.scouting, but as a committee member in the boys troop, you do have access to see that training report. As far as I can tell that individual is not registered.

You can apply for membership with the District and for MBCs it is no cost. You still have to comply with the background and YPT. The MBCs registered, as such, are in a roster accessible by the District Key 3 and the Council registrar.

Be aware that not all councils, and not all chartering organizations within councils, are OK with having someone who is a MBC counted as a scouter for the purposes of youth-protection requirements (e.g. 2-deep leadership) at unit events. I don’t personally agree with that position, but my opinion doesn’t hold sway over council or chartering organizations. Make sure your chartering org and council are OK with having a MBC serve in the unit scouter function (e.g. MC or ASM) that you’re looking at. Ideally, in my opinion, that person is registered for the role in which they are serving.


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