Accessing Scout Information in the App

I am having issues accessing my scouts information in the mobile app. I can log in and see all 3 of them, but when I click on any of them, I get a picture of a fire and “we are loading your experience”. My iPhone times out before my experience ever loads. I have to clear the app before I can try again. I can log in, see my 3 scouts and their images and the first screen, but then it spins and spins.

  • My phone is running the latest version.
  • The app is the latest version.
  • I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it.
  • I’ve reached out to my council and they pointed me here.
    *We changed councils last year and I’ve had issues ever since. My scouts are currently registered with either a Troop or Pack in our local council. My Scouts BSA scouts are also enrolled in STEM Scouts through another council.
    *I can access everything I need to on a web browser, but I would really like the convenience of using the App.

Please help! Thank you!


There are multiple issues with the Scouting mobile app that are under investigation. I recommend using the Scoutbook web site for the time being.

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