Accidentally ended a scouts membership with our troop

I received a new scout in my troop on Scoutbook today and in the process of trying to add him to a patrol I accidentally ended his membership with our troop (don’t ask, its a long story). Please advise on how to get the scout back? I tried to add a scout but I don’t want to create a duplicate. I just want to find the current scout and add him back to our troop. Please help!

have you checked My Account > My Profile for the Scout? Are you still connected? If not post BSA Number if you know it

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His BSA # is 126699697

Will be fixed in morning - I might inform parent that it is being fixed with this scouts Scouting Past perhaps.

Will he just show up on my roster again, because now I can’t see him at all?

it is a 4am CST sync - I think I just found 2 more accounts though

Oh no, that doesn’t sound good. Duplicate accounts have been a problem for us before. He was previously a lone scout and was just added to our troop.

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Found a FEC and TAC user - I merged them all

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Ok, keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for your help!

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he will come in out of patrol - go to patrol and use Reassign to patrol to get him in a patrol - that is the way to do it

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Will do! Thanks again

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Thanks so much for your help! I was able to get the scout reassigned to a patrol and it appears that all of his previous unit information was added when you merged his account.

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