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I was attempting to reassign a scout to a new patrol and instead ended his membership in our unit. (I clearly need some more scoutbook training.) He still shows up on the CC roster as well as the council roster, but neither the SM or I (Advancement Chair) are able to see him in Scoutbook despite having admin privileges. His name is also missing from the connections area of scoutbook for me to attempt a fix there. I’ve asked the POC at the Council office who also appears stymied. When the parent attempted to use my.scouting to return the scout to the troop the message said “Error: this scout already in this troop”. Could you provide assistance? #126235031 Thanks! Carrie

@CarrieKnapp I setup a sync for late this afternoon - when assigning sub-units ALWAYS first go to Sub-unit and click the reassign button to select new scouts

The scout returned to the roster. Thank you so much for your help! I’ll be sure to reassign scouts via the Sub-unit in the future. I really appreciate how quickly you were able to fix the problem. I’ve been attempting to correct my error for over a week now without success.

Some feedback, perhaps in the next upgrade of scoutbook, make the “date end” under membership a field that only someone in the Council office can enter? That would have forced me to figure out the Sub-unit transfer. Carrie


If we restricted filling the the end date to Council staff, anyone who left the unit mid-year would remain on the roster until the next recharter. This causes issues for families who want their Scout removed from the Scoutbook roster because they have decided to no longer participate.

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