Scout left our troop still appears on our roster

Hello! A Scout left our troop in December. He currently shows up as unassigned on our roster. His SB# is 28541BSA Member ID:131459857. Is there anything we need to do to make sure his profile goes to his new troop? Thanks for your help!

Go to their membership page and add an end date to any current memberships in your troop.

Thanks - I am working in scoutbook under membership to put a date ended in there and update. The update button isn’t working.

We have 6 scouts that are no longer in the pack that I’m trying to remove

@KevinElmore If the Scout actually went to another troop, then I would recommend transferring the Scout at my.scouting.

Can you try a different browser? Or a an incognito window?

I went on the “clean connection” page after adding the end date. There was an X that I could click that removed him. Thank you for everything you do for me and our Troop!

@KevinElmore It looks like the Scout is dual registered in another troop. It is possible that he might reappear on your Scoutbook roster, because he is still on your troop’s official roster.

If he reappears, you can ask your local council to end his registration with your troop.

Thanks Jennifer. Message received and understood.

Thanks, it is working now.

We have some scouts that are getting the error of not connected to myscouting (triangle !) but their names are listed. Any way to sync those up?

Member ID 136476244 is an example of one scout


Your council may not have inputted your charter yet.

This kinda goes along with the above issue: I am advancement coordinator for another troop and had a scout moved to us from Texas. How do I pull his info over in SB? Then how do I download to TWH?
Thank you,

@WendyCrego the Scout should appear once they are officially registered with your unit - as long as all information is the same past achievements should be attached to the scout. As far as TroopWebHost - that is a question for them.

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