Remived a scout from a patrol and they went away from the troop roster

So removed a scout and transfered him to the troop at large. He was not there after a refresh of the screen. He is back now but nothing is in scout book for him how do i get this info back for the scout?

Post the BSA # @JosephCrabtree_III and we can look at it to try to understand what you are saying

130235401 is is scout number. He has zero record now in scoutbook. Not sure what happened.

@JosephCrabtree_III I set up a sync for him - you are still connected so you could go into the scouts membership and add a membership in the troop if you do not want to wait till tonight

Its saying he currently has an active membership and i can not update. So if i wait for it to batch overnight it should all update?

under his memberships you see one that is active? does not have an end date?

Yes i do see one that is active with no end date

yeah - look that has no MID - that is a duplicate account - let me clean it up

OK that is fixed - the 2 accounts had 2 different years for DOB so you will want to check that

Ok so willnit batch overnight and correct with the correct account and update as needed to put him backbon the roster?

it is already fixed - logout and back in

Ok i see it now nonidea what happened there thank you

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