Accidentally ended Scout

I accidentally ended a Scout’s membership in his Den. Member # is 137127813. He is not in my connections manager but IS still on my unit’s roster in My.Scouting.Org. I have tried the transfer in Scout option, but it says it is unable to find him.

I requested a position sync for this Scout. Check tomorrow morning to see if he is back in the pack. You will need to place him in a den after he is back on your SB roster.

This is fixed. However, I recommend that you temporarily unapproved the Scout’s Membership, then reapprove.

I’ve done this. Thank you so much for your help.

@DanielWeber You might also want to update the Scout’s district and council on his Edit Profile page.

I corrected his address and made the council/district update. Now it says " X has not been matched with a Scout in your Units official roster. Please check with your council." Will that clear the next time the data sync’s?

usually the fix for that is go to membership > unapprove and save it > then go back in and approve again @DanielWeber

That did it. I thought I did that last night, but I guess not. Thank you Donovan and Jennifer for your help.

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