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Accidentally removed a scout / connections

Hello all,

I am one of the Key 3 delegates for my troop. We recently bridged a couple of scouts and I have not been able to view their accounts due to a lack of connection to them (despite them being in our troop?). How do I resolve that?

Also, by accident - I removed one of the scouts from the roster. How do I add him back?

Thank you.

As a Key 3 Delegate, you should also be a Troop Admin in Scoutbook. In Scoutbook:

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Troop Admin position.
  4. Click Update.

This should reset your Admin connection to all Scouts in the troop. In some cases, you might also need to log out / log back in again.

As for the other Scout, try going to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Connections

If you see the Scout’s name listed there, click on it and then click on [Scout name]'s Membership to add the membership back to your troop.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you for your reply. I checked the connections and was not able to find the scout in question.

@AkaoseIbeaji Try going to your Troop Roster page. At the bottom of the Scout roster is a “Transfer In Scout” button that might work to bring the Scout back onto the troop’s roster.

If that does not work, see if another leader or the parents are still connected to the Scout under their My Connections page. If they are still connected with Full Control, they can change the Scout’s Membership back to the troop.

If none of the above works, please send an e-mail to Scoutbook support at:


and include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA ID number, troop number, council name, etc.) and request that they move the Scout back to your troop.

Great! Found him using info from an old copy of the roster! You’re awesome @JenniferOlinger! Thank you!

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