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New Scouts show up - but I cannot access or view them as Key 3/Admin


Scoutbook Question:
All of my newly registered scouts showed up in Scoutbook. I am CM, Key 3, and Pack Admin. When I try to add, view, or edit any of the scouts - I get the error message in the photo. “You are not currently connected to this scout. Use the Connect button below…”

I cannot do anything with the scout record. If I try to click “connect” at the bottom of the screen, it says “It looks like you are connected to all scouts.”

Any ideas?

go to unit roster > click your name > click Admin > click update

I also had the same issue, and doing that worked. But by accident I hit the remove scout button for one of the scouts. How can I get that scout back?

You can go to Dashboard > My Account > My Connections > look for Scout there - if you find them hopefully you can change membership

Otherwise send email to @LynneObrien

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