Account Help Please - Somehow have been removed from unit

I have been Scoutmaster for T732 for several years. This year was my transition year and I had my successor all ready to go to take over the troop. In Scoutbook, one of the admins removed me from the unit somehow (trying to just change my role to ASM but made a mistake)… I don’t even see the unit show up in my Scoutbook Dashboard anymore. Can you provide any guidance on how to fix this so I show back up in the Scoutbook roster?

I checked and I show up there… just not in Scoutbook anymore. Any help to fix this would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

YIS, Jason

@JasonFranqui post your BSA # and it can be looked at


Thank you!

@JasonFranqui your ASM is not set to current (active) - talk to council

@DonovanMcNeil It looks like the COR (or COR Delegae) just changed the position today with the Position Manager.

it is weird - I cannot figure it out

If the COR just changed the position today, the ASM position should show up as approved overnight. They will probably need to reset the Troop Admin role tomorrow.

Yes, the COR corrected the roles (yesterday) that were supposed to have changed as part of our recharter. Based on your comments, then maybe council doesn’t have to fix? I already reached out to them, but I can tell them to disregard assuming things get corrected today as you mentioned.

Fingers crossed!! :slight_smile:
Thanks for everyone’s help!

Looks like it worked and there’s nothing for your council to do. A troop admin can remove the end date on your troop admin position.

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