Account issues

Good evening,

I’m having some issues with scout account that are listed below. Tried to send this issue into a support email I found on another post but was replied to with direction to post here.

  1. I am trying to register and sign up another one of my children and having an error come up saying that I must be over 18 to register.

  2. I can not update my date of birth on the app or web portal. It only says invalid date and is greyed out.

  3. I seem to have 2 accounts *******851. *****508, the one ending in 508 is my original and would like to have that one as my main. The one ending in 851 has 2 of my 3 current scouts but will not let me link my second oldest child to it.

My oldest has decided she wants to join with a friend to a all girls troop and with that I will be involved in two separate troops and my original pack with my two youngest along with needing to have my YPT completed and would like to have the accounts merged if possible so that I can have a single account to manage and keep updated.

Also get this error message when I try to update information

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