Scoutbook help needed!


I have about 10 parents with duplicate accounts, and several scouts that are in Scoutbook, but don’t have a BSA number assigned to them (it’s blank), as well as a scout that was registered with a different council.

I have emailed our district and council staff several times over the last month, and even sat down with our district rep in her office, and no one can seem to correct our issues.

Now I’m getting a bunch of angry/upset parent emails, and have no idea who else I can turn to for help. Any suggestions? Thank you

Well as you might not have BSA# - look at Edit Profiles and post (in an organized way) Scoutbook User IDs - and SUAC will see what we can do to help @LaurenDilles

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Thank you for looking into this! These are all new scouts, so I’m not sure what went wrong when we turned their paper apps into council, but if anyone has any insight on how to avoid this going forward, we would very much appreciate it!

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So sorry, I didn’t realize I couldn’t post that information! Would you like me to retype it with just BSA #s and UserIDs?

@LaurenDilles I removed it, but Moderators can still see it. It might be easier if we take it to a private message.

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