Duplicate accounts for son

Hi – my son has two Scoutbook accounts. One attached to mine (that he’s not able to log in to) as well as his Troop, and one not associated to anything (but is tied to his email address). I’m hoping to either merge these accounts or delete the one not associated to anything (and then “invite him to connect” via his Troop-connected account).

I’ve emailed five different people who don’t have access or who don’t seem to care to help. Hopefully someone reading this will be able to help.

If you post the BSA Member ID (no names!) and (if you have them) the Scoutbook User IDs for the two accounts, one of the folks from SUAC may be able to help.

Hi, CharleyHamilton – thanks for the tip!

BSA#s: 14083693, 133610461
Scoutbook UserID#s: 12289472, 6407865

@BrandonEdling BSA member number 133610461 is the one associated with the Scout’s registration.

It looks like the other BSA member number was created when he created a my.scouting account. This other BSA member number is different by one day, so I would recommend that you double-check his date of birth to make sure that it is correct.

I have merged his Scoutbook accounts, and he should be able to log in to the correct account now.

@JenniferOlinger – you’re my new best friend. Thanks so much for your help on this; everything works perfectly now. I appreciate both you and @CharleyHamilton helping me on a Saturday night. Have a good rest of the weekend!


@BrandonEdling Did you check his date of birth?

I did, yes – everything looks correct.

@JenniferOlinger – now I think I messed up my account. I went into the my.Scouting Manage Member ID section and noticed there were two member ID’s associated with my account. I clicked the second one, logged out, and now I belong to the wrong council. I guess I somehow had two accounts, too?

Any chance you can help with this one, too? Sorry for the hassle. The account that belongs to Northern New Jersey is the one I’m supposed to have (though I don’t have the member ID)

Quick update – I was able to switch the Northern New Jersey council on my secondary account, but that didn’t fix anything. I guess I have to merge my accounts, too. :frowning:

Go back to manage member ID and make the other one primary

Hi, @jacobfetzer – I thought that would work as well, but unfortunately, when I do that, the second account doesn’t appear.

If you know the other number, you can add it

It looks like you created a second Scoutbook account. This should be fixed now.

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Hi, all – looks like the problem has been fixed (perhaps @JenniferOlinger has waved her wand again? :slightly_smiling_face: ). I just logged in to my account and noticed that everything looked right. I logged out and logged in as my son and he’s now only linked to one of me. Which is good, because this world isn’t big enough for two of me.

Thanks to @jacobfetzer, as well, for your helpful suggestions. It takes a village, I suppose. :slightly_smiling_face:

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