Can't correct error on Adult Profile - Date says invalid and will not allow me to apply to a troop

I had duplicate account merged awhile back, but now while I try submit my application to join my child’s troop as an adult, I get the you must be 18 message. I tracked it down to where I think the error is. My birthdate in Profile says invalid, but it is a non editable field. So, even though I have my YPT and several trainings done, I can’t submit the application.

How can I get this fixed?

Thank you.


The problem is you have 2 BSA Member IDs (MIDs). The MID that was set as primary on your does not have your date of birth. I switched the primary MID to the one with your DOB. You should now be able to register.

I also updated the MID on your Scoutbook account to the MID with your DOB. Your training should sync from the former primary MID to this MID within 24 hours.

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