Birthdate issue on parent account - won't allow new scout registration

New member trying to register for Cub Scouts and the mother put in her son’s date of birth when creating her account instead of her own. When she attempts to register her son in My.Scouting it won’t allow her to because it thinks she is under 18. When she goes into her profile in my.scouting, it is grayed out and won’t let her change it. Her BSA ID is 14374660 her date of birth is //**. Thank you fro any help you can give!


She will need to contact the Council to have the DOB fixed.

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Since they aren’t registered yet, will our council be able to see their information? All they have done is created a My.Scouting account.

I imagine they went in and made an account with the Scouts info - happens all the time - have them start over and make with parents info

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She can’t because the account is tied to her email address. Council doesn’t have access. They said they put in a ticket with national. I ended up having her file out a paper copy and submitted it that way.