Account Support - Merge IDs, please

Couple items I could use help with, please!

  1. I seem to have multiple IDs. The second appears to have been created when we moved to Virginia. Would it be best to merge these? Alamo Council - 13359245, Heart of Virginia Council - 137430672 (currently set as Primary).

  2. My son also has two IDs, the second appears to have been created when he switched Troops fairly recently.
    Older account: SB User ID: 2554519, BSA Member ID:135811762; has some of his awards and achievement dates.
    Newer account: SB User ID:12094106, BSA Member ID:137430671 is his “current” account and has a newer set of achievements.
    Would you be able to merge the older into the newer, please? He is in Troop 735 currently.

Thank you,

@JamesLucas if the MIDs are setup in manage member ID (which they appear to be) you are good to go - will check your scoutbook accounts

@JamesLucas on Scout it is a little tricky - Completions merge but not requirements - so usually you want to keep the one with the most UNfinished items. That looks like the older user to me

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