"No Emails" In Scoutbook

Since recharter, several of my scouting parents are listed as “No Email.” They all switched at the same time, so it couldn’t have been requested by the user.

Some of these adults are not able to log in to their accounts, some of the accounts I can’t access because of API (so I can’t even access the parent profile), some have multiple accounts. Can someone please help me fix these accounts and consolidate those that have multiple profiles? Thank you so much!!

Only users can flip the no email switch on their accounts - a third party application was run trying to figure out where the spam reports were coming from so some emails were put in no email status

Thank you for that explanation. But it’s been a lot more complicated than emailing parents top say “here’s the fix.”

Some parents can’t log on (when they try to reset the password, they are told that a profile for the email address doesn’t exist), some parents don’t respond. I really want to ensure all communication reaches our parents, but I’ve spent hours trying to fix this already. The only “solution” that has worked was creating a duplicate profile for a parent, which I hate doing. But not sure what other option I have.

While we are trying to figure out the “magic” solution to getting off the blacklists, we recommend using an alternate method to communicate with families. You can get a list of adult e-mail addresses via Roster Builder in Scoutbook. This list can then be used to send e-mail to parents and leaders with your personal e-mail system instead of Scoutbook.

BSA IT and the SUAC are just as frustrated as users with this situation. Unfortunately the blacklist vendors will not tell BSA IT why Scoutbook continues to be placed on the blacklist.

Anyone who cannot remember their password or get a password reset e-mail can go to my.scouting.org, click the Bot icon image and try to reset their password without needing to receive an e-mail. If that doesn’t work, your Council should be able to reset the password for the member.

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If it says a profile does not exist - Often that means they have Goggle or Apple log in turned on

Thank you!! So if all goes as you hope, there will be some sort of fix at some point in the future? FINGERS CROSSED

I’ve been messaging my families directly from my email address since the emailing issues began, but was trying to fix this for my den leaders who rely on Scoutbook.

Last night, at about 10:30pm, a pack leader did a “send now” reminder on our committee meeting. It didn’t get to me or my wife (at least) on a Microsoft outlook.com email host. Today, at about 10:30am, I re-did the send now and it was delivered.

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Yes, SB was able to get off the blacklist early this morning. Unfortunately the situation is very fluid.

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I logged in this morning and all those ‘no emails’ are still listed as ‘no email.’ Would you expect to see something different since Scoutbook got off the blacklist? I’m really hoping that there is a fix that doesn’t have me needing to figure this out with each individual affected.

Getting on or off a blacklist has no effect on the No Email flag. That flag means the account is set to opt out of emails. So the member themselves needs to login and change themselves to opt in.


I understand this is the current policy/solution, but there really needs to be an automated fix that doesn’t involve unit leaders contacting each adult and trying to walk them through how to fix their own accounts (that broke through no fault of their own). Can we request that, please?

@AlisonShearer well it did break because their actions - these are users that consistently mark emails as Junk as opposed to just deleting them. When I saw the list from my unit it made sense and did not surprise me that it was the case.

No. This wasn’t the case at all for the adults in our unit that are now marked as “no mail”, which includes our COR. It’s been really frustrating.

Alison - I agree. This impacted some of our most involved and engaged families - there is no way that they all opted out of these emails. Blaming families may be an easy out for those responsible for Scoutbook, but it’s simply not true for my unit. And its created nightmares for leaders - who are already stretched too thin - to rectify.

Can’t we please reset everyone to receive emails, and send out a message to all families that a fix was necessary given the recent and ongoing issues with Scoutbook? If the message here is that getting swapped to “No email” is the result of users marking the email as junk, those that really don’t want to receive emails can easily indicate that again when receiving the email. Send an email to ALL users indicating the reason for the reset. Invite those that really don’t want the emails to unsubscribe again.

And in the grand scheme of things it is MUCH worse for users to NOT receive emails they want (and truthfully, it’s likely that we will lose membership if they aren’t receiving communication).

No, BSA IT will not reset all of the opt-out flags nor permit unit leaders to do so on behalf of their units. Members were opted out of mail recently based on results of an audit of e-mail addresses through zerobounce.net. Addresses that were opted out of mail in Scoutbook are those that zerobounce.net said are bad or have a high history of reporting e-mail as spam. This was done to prevent Scoutbook from being placed on the e-mail blacklists.

Unfortunately units will need to ask members that are opted out of e-mail to log in to Scoutbook, navigate to My Dashboard → My Account → E-Mail and move the Opt-Out slider to the left so that the background is gray. This should only be done after validating the e-mail address recorded in Scoutbook is correct. If it is not correct, the member should change the address and the Opt-Out slider. If the address is correct on the profile page but not in Scoutbook, clicking the Save button on the profile page will update Scoutbook along with the other BSA databases.


Thanks for the update on the method used, @edavignon. That at least gives us something of an explanation to provide the folks who were “flagged” about why they were flagged. Hopefully it will help us at the unit level work to minimize the number of inaccurate “spam” reports in the future.

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