Mom can't "un - Opt - Out" from emails in Scoutbook

I have a mom of a newly crossed over Scout who had opted out of emails from Scoutbook when he was a Cub. Now that he is in the Troop, she is becoming more involved and wants to be kept up to date. The problem is that when I pulled her profile in, she was able to connect but even when un-clicking the Opt Out switch she can’t clear it and she still shows “No Email” on the Message Screen. Her Name is * and her Member # is 13458037. This is for Troop 543 in Bristol, VT. Thank you.


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Thank you!)


The last time she logged in was July 10. Please ask her to try again. She needs to log in to Scoutbook using her ID that is the part of her e-mail address before the @.

After logging in to Scoutbook, go to My Account → E-Mail and moving the Opt Out slider so that the back ground is gray, not red. Let us know if this works.

I also discovered her Scout’s dad had 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged these. The 2nd account was never used and was essentially blank.

I will tell her to do that. But, that is what I instructed her to do previously. I will advise.


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