Accout merge request

I have two accounts scoutbook accounts. I would like them merged. The SB user ID is 1603144 for my original account. The second account SB user ID is 12991784. They are both for the same council. I apparently got the second account when my youngest pack added me.

The second one was deleted 2 days ago @JanetStann

Can you please merge my two SB accounts.

Primary 6600236
Secondary 12993202

Please maintain my primary

Also i note that my BSA account tied to these SB accounts has my old council and not my current council which is Indian Waters. How can i get this addressed.

@MichaelSparkman OK this is fixed - I kept the user name Mort%%%%% - so use that. The Council I see is Indian Waters - is there a different one?

thats it looks like all is fixed thanks

Hi, I am a den leader and committee chair for Pack 164, Barbarossa District, Transatlantic Council. It looks like I have multiple BSA Member IDs and I am not able to do Pack 164 administration stuff right now.

When I go into “My Account” in my primary account it shows a picture of the correct pack and Council patches but it also shows I am linked to a different council (Heart of America).

What can we do to fix all this?

BSA Member IDs:

137158169 (This is the account I have used for everything and should be retained).

@RyanHovatter 747 is your leader ID - 169 has your Scouts memberships under it in AKELA if you ever need to transfer them. - but all should be fixed now - I set up a 24 hour sync to close a few issues for you

Thanks! I can see everything in one account now.

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