Calendar Events - Locked for Editing

Hello, I created all the events for our pack and am the primary admin. As of last week there are suddenly events I can edit and events I can’t edit. I really need to update the time and location of an event that is “locked” for me to edit or event delete. Help!

Did another Admin edit them and add another unit to them?

Not that we can see or tell Donovan. I’m the only one who edits these. Any advice?

Hi, Kelly,

Is there another unit admin who could try toggling your admin status? Maybe a bit got flipped somewhere and it’s impacting your calendar access inconsistently.

Alternatively, did you have a change of status (e.g. unit recharter) hit since last week? Seems late to me, but nothing else is immediately occurring to me if not what @DonovanMcNeil suggested.

in Screenshare we could see a Pack AND Troop admin must have touched the events locking Kelly out

Thank you everyone! Mystery has been solved- another admin at the TROOP
Level who had access to my pack (she is a troop and pack leader) copied my pack event onto the troop calendar. Once she did this it gave her ownership of both events and locked me out from editing. I was able to partner with her to edit my event.

Thanks to Donovan for awesome mystery solving today!!!

Well to further explain - it is just one event - but it is on 2 calendars - if you are just admin for one of the units you cannot then edit the one event on multiple calendars. Sharing events in SB can get messy fast

As Donovan says, plus the event was not assigned to a person, it became only accessible by someone with the same security as the person who updated the event in both units.