Activities log is not working


It’s helpful if you provide a bit more detail when you report an error, like what you were doing that threw the error.

I checked, and I also get this error when I try to create a new activity with or without a person associated with it. → left side menu Activities → create new activity “+” button

It’s independent of which type of activity I select. Error is thrown when I hit the “Save” button at the bottom. Issue also exists even if I mark the event as “All Day”

I verified that my K3D position is selected, and that it’s current in my.scouting. I know this worked as recently as the afternoon/evening of 28 May when I last entered a service project.

ETA: BSA ID 127967394

We are checking this now

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This is reported fixed - you might need to hold down SHIFT Key and refresh

Yup. Appears to be working now. Thanks for the quick turn-around!

Thank you so much for fixing this so quickly.

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