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Error on activities

Can not record camping nights or service project hours. Keep getting error try later. Been three days now.

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There is a known problem with entering activities. You need to first click the Create Activity button then add the participants before saving the activity.

The developers are aware of the issues and are working on the fix but we do not have an ETA.

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@edavignon , so to clarify, I think this means that I cannot add participants to a previously created activity - is that correct? I was trying to do that this morning and got an error.


That is correct. The bug does not allow you to add participants to existing events.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll keep my pending activity log corrections in “backlog” until the issue is resolved.

Great that you and the developers know about it and know a workaround, but in the meantime for all of us that don’t, it would be really helpful if they would change the error message so it is clear that " trying again later " (which many are apparently doing from the comments) will do one no good…

A simple error message saying “there is a bug and until it is fixed, please enter all participants before first saving an event to avoid this problem” would help


Thanks – That worked. Your right about the error message, but then the whole system is not user friendly. Just to note, I was a senior programmer at Pratt & Whitney and the State of Florida and this program would never been accepted. Been a adult leader for 49 years and loved Troup Master.


As a programmer/engineer at Microsoft (who helped lead development for MS Teams, and now, Windows 11) I agree this would never be accepted.

Bugs happen. They are impossible to avoid for the most part. But you need to quickly send a patch or fix when they happen. In the BSA’s case, it takes many months for something to be fixed usually and sometimes the issue is just never fixed and we are expected to use the “workaround” permanently.

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There does seem to be some issues with the work process. It is disappointing that these aren’t prioritized differently. If they can’t fix it immediately, it would be good to have a custom error directing the temporary fix.


Lets face it. We are stuck with an inferior program that is not user friendly and is missing a lot of the easy to use tracking reports that don’t show what you really want. I could go on, but what’s the use. We are stuck with it. I talked to them a couple of years ago about tracking adults and was told that it was not the purpose of the program. Hmmmm! I have been able to get in and create some reports we need but why should I and what about the people that don’t have the skills to get around in the system.

Have a great day and stay safe.



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That is true. That is/was a scope / design choice.

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Tried that. Did not work. I’ve been told that this is the official record for OA purposes which means my scouts are now at risk for missing out on opportunities.

I’ll deal with any bug on the block if it harms me. Fine.

When it directly impacts my scouts, no thank you. I’d like answers.

What is going on?

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@WilliamsburgScouter It looks like you are a Key 3 Delegate for a troop. This is what works for me:

  1. Log in at my.scouting.
  2. Click on BSA Web Links
  3. Click on Internet Advancement 2.0
  4. Click on the fleur-de-lis icon and make sure the correct position / role is selected (Key 3 Delegate, in your cast)
  5. On the Troop Roster page, select your Scouts. If you would like to select adults or youth 18+, then click on the filter icon and adjust the filter as needed.
  6. Click “Record Progress”, then “Campouts”.
  7. Add your info and Create New Activity.
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That’s not actually true. It is the most convenient way (for folks who can enter data) to run an OA eligibility report, but in principle the scouts should be tracking their camping nights for rank and other purposes, and it’s not generally too hard to screen for who is at least First Class.

ETA: That’s not to say shine the bug on, just that the info you were given about the OA tracking isn’t strictly correct.

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These steps have worked for me with no issues, as well.

For whatever it is worth, I think a banner announcement in IA along these lines would serve as a stopgap until the issue is fixed:
“There is an issue which prevents adding participants to previously entered activities. Until this is resolved, [fill in appropriate action here]”
Seems to me like most of these threads are due to people running into unexpected behavior because we don’t know that revising is broken.
SUAC - are you able to make this recommendation to the developers?


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For what it is worth I just tested my method again and it was successful.

  1. On the roster select youth & modify filter for adults - select those needed
  2. Click on Record Progress
  3. Select type of activity
  4. Select date
  5. Click create event
  6. enter the details and save
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I have requested a banner message be posted. I also pinned the workaround instructions to this forum category.


We just heard that internet advancement does not have the capability to add banner messages. We have asked them to add that capability, but we do not know when or if that will happen.

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Jacob, thanks for closing the loop on this, even if it isn’t the answer I was hoping for.

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