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Scout Account Activities Bug

We had a scout’s account get flagged in IA2 a short while ago as being in process of transferring to a different troop - which also blocked me from adding new activity. Reported it via my Committee Chair up to district. In the last 2 weeks, the error was resolved and I could then add a recent camping trip.

However, the scout has now reported a new issue. Via the Scouting App (phone) and when viewing the Scouts profile in IA2 (not scoutbook), his activities are zeroed out except for the one new activity.

If I run an activity report from IA2 all of his data appears intact.

Can someone please email me to discuss - presume you would need the Scouts ID#.

VR Charles

Charles: This is a known issue that affects a small number of Scouts who transfer in to a unit from another type of unit. I have one new Scout in my Troop who has been grayed out in IA2 since the Council processed his transfer a couple of months ago. They removed him from his old unit and placed him my unit but somewhere in the SB/IA2 programing, he was not removed from his old unit as a result, while we can post his advancement, we cannot post any of his activities.

Chuck Olson
Troop 463, Sandy Springs, GA

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