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Activity integration with events calendar

The old way of using the feature extension to record logs based off the events calendar no longer works Due to the move to IA. This was a huge time saver for everyone.

Now if we want to use the events calendar, we have to create events twice (once in the calendar and once in IA). For a very active and large troop like mine (we usually do a campout and a day event/service project Every month) this has essentially doubled my workload.

Is there any plan to sync the events from the calendar to the events log, and also sync the attendance of these events?

these are being considered but they are not in the near future

Thanks for the response…disappointing though.

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Very disappointing. It is a big step backwards.

The calendar and logs were never linked to begin with.

There was some tie in with the extension in that could generate it off of the calendar entry.

Yes, but if you never used th extension there was no integration. It did bridge that gap.

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